Updates to the Campus Communications Hub Online Calendar

We have recently rolled out an update to the online calendar workflow which we hope will eliminate some confusion regarding the posting and publicizing of events. Highlights of the new workflow include:

  • Paginated Submission Form: Instead of one long form, users will now be walked through multiple screens to enter the event details.
  • Duplicate Check: When you choose a date for your event, a list of events scheduled for that date will automatically appear to help avoid duplicate posts. Please note that the date selector on this first screen pertains to the date of the event itself, not the posting date for any campus notice you wish to create about the event.
  • Event URL Label: Previously any link added to the calendar appeared with the text “More Information.” You may now choose from among several labels, including “More Information,” “Buy Tickets,” “Register Now” and “Visit the Website”.
  • Campus Venue Information: More details, such as directions, parking information or hours of operation, can now be added to campus venues. If you manage a venue and would like to add this information, please contact Jessica Willett.
  • Confirmation Screen: When you have completed your post, you will now see a confirmation screen which lists the date of your event and the dates of any related Campus Notices you created. On that screen you will also have the option to duplicate the event for additional occurrences (such as additional movie showings) and to create additional campus notices beyond the two allotted per event.

Report Any Errors: While we have tested this new workflow extensively, we rely on our users to report any problems that we may have overlooked. If you have any problems with event creation, please contact Jessica Willett.

There will be a demonstration and Q&A on this new workflow during Staff Development Week, Jan. 2-4, 2013. Look for more information from Human Resources in the coming weeks.

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