CCH: Creating Multiple Campus Notices

When you create a Campus Notice in the Campus Communications Hub, you are given the option to choose two dates on which to send your notice. The two date limit was enacted based on user feedback that found that multiple notices were annoying and cluttered up the Campus Notices email.

While we prefer that you limit your notices to two, we’ve found that many users feel it necessary to add additional notices beyond the suggested limit. If you are one of those users, please follow these simple suggestions to avoid annoying your readers:

Choose appropriate audiences for your notice. If your notice pertains only to students or faculty, avoid spamming the entire University community.

Don’t duplicate events. If your notice is about an event that already exists on the online calendar, create additional notices by logging into the Campus Calendar, finding the original event, clicking on the edit icon (small pencil) and clicking “Update Event and Create Campus Notice” at the bottom of the edit screen. This will allow you to queue additional notices without creating another event. You can also go straight to “Submit a Notice” and create a Campus Notice using a different category, such as “Notice,” to circumvent the calendar workflow.

Don’t forget that events are added to Campus Notices automatically. ALL events created on the Campus Calendar automatically appear in the “This Week’s Events” section of the Campus Notices sidebar beginning seven days prior to the event date and the “Today’s Events” section on the day of the event. Deadlines appear beginning 30 days prior.

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