Dashboard: FAQs

Q: How can I get my event to appear on one (or more) of the dashboard pages?

A. Dashboard events are fed from the Campus Calendar in the Campus Communications Hub. To add your event to a specific dashboard, be sure to select the corresponding audience on Step 3 of the submission form. If you would like your event to be considered for the University homepage as well, check the “Feature Event?” box on that page of the submission form as well.

Q: How can I add a link to the Quicklinks section of a dashboard page?

A. Use our Dashboard Ticket form to suggest a new Quicklink for the dashboard pages. Be sure to include the page title, the full URL for the link, and the dashboard page it is appropriate for.

Q: I noticed that the hours in the Trip Saver are wrong. Who do I contact?

A. The Trip Saver is updated by individual facilities managers around campus. If you notice that the hours are wrong, use the Dashboard Ticket form to let Web Communications know and we will be in touch with the appropriate manager to get them corrected.

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