The Final Countdown

July 10 Update: Unfortunately, some technical glitches kept us from launching yesterday afternoon as anticipated. We’re hopeful that the site will go live this morning. Stay tuned!

It’s been a busier spring than we’d anticipated, but we’re finally ready to launch the first phase of our responsive redesign. First up will be the University homepage, including the About W&L and Academics sections, as well new sites for Student Life, the Career Development Center and the Williams School.

Our plan is to flip the switch during the afternoon on Tuesday, July 9.

Here’s what to expect:

  • The new site will take over the domain. Everything on our “old” site will be redirected to
  • All “go” addresses should continue to work.
  • Top-level vhosts like will continue to work.
  • The Campus Communications Hub (online calendar, Campus Notices, etc.) should not be affected by the transition.

Here’s what to look out for:

  • Broken or misdirected links to pages on the new sections of the site: About W&L, Academics, the Williams School, the Career Development Center, and Student Life (formerly Campus Life). As we move sections of the site into the new design, we will unpublish the old versions to eliminate confusion and redundancy. This will undoubtedly result in broken links, so please bear with us and check your SiteImprove reports carefully in the coming weeks.
  • Anything on the existing W&L website that is not working the way it should: While we’ve taken care to test this transition thoroughly, there are often unanticipated issues that arise. Please bear with us and let us know if you discover any broken links or missing functionality.
  • Funky display issues: Our new site is responsive, which means it’s designed to be optimized for whatever screen you’re using, be it a desktop, a mobile phone or anything in between. If the new pages are not displaying correctly on your device, we want to hear about it. This is especially true of Internet Explorer, which is a non-standards-compliant browser. If you prefer IE over Firefox or Chrome, we strongly recommend that you use one of the latest versions (IE 9 or 10), on Windows 7.

Please report any issues using the Communications Tracking Form and choose “Redesign Error.”

Here’s what to look forward to:

A website redesign is a lot of work, but offers a lot of rewards, as well. Our new system is designed to be responsive, but also to be more streamlined, more intuitive and more efficient.

  • Logging into the new version of Ingeniux takes less time, and publishes happen faster.
  • The new version offers user-friendly features like in-context editing, an integrated help ticketing system and site analytics.
  • No more xIDs! Pages will now have intuitive, “structured” URLs, and you can create shortcuts to make addresses even easier. (But don’t worry, “go” addresses will continue to be an option.)
  • A stricter protocol for document uploads should eliminate the outdated information that has cluttered our site in recent years.

What’s Next?

We anticipate spending a week or two fixing any issues that arise and polishing the bells and whistles on our new site. After that, we’ll finish training our new users, then turn our attention to the waiting list and begin to migrate additional departments. If you have not yet requested a redesign and would like to get on our list, please submit a ticket on the Communications Tracking Form under “Redesign Request.”






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