Missing Faculty/Staff Profiles

It’s come to our attention that as academic departments migrate to the new website design, faculty who are affiliated with multiple departments may no longer appear on faculty/staff directory pages in our old system. The issue is related to faculty whose primary affiliation is with departments that have migrated to the new CMS, including (as of this writing) History, English, Religion, German and Russian, Philosophy, Accounting, Economics, Business Administration and Politics.

When we created faculty profiles for these departments in the new system, the old profiles were unpublished. This was done to eliminate confusion and redundancy, but had the unfortunate side effect of causing the profiles to disappear from interdisciplinary department faculty/staff directories that are still in the old system. This issue can be solved with a simple redirect. If your department’s site has not yet migrated and you notice that faculty members are missing from your directory page, please email Jessica Willett and we will redirect the pages to the new profiles. Thanks for your assistance!

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