Missing Faculty/Staff Profiles

It’s come to our attention that as academic departments migrate to the new website design, faculty who are affiliated with multiple departments may no longer appear on faculty/staff directory pages in our old system. The issue is related to faculty whose primary affiliation is with departments that have migrated to the new CMS, including (as […]

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Redesign Update for Website Editors

Now that the start-of-term rush has subsided, we’d like to invite you to an informational session about our website redesign and how it will affect you as a content contributor or site editor. We will hold two sessions during the first week of October, both in Hillel 101. I will send out meeting requests confirming […]

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Recent Redesigns

Our redesign is humming along, with a number of new sites recently moved into the new system. We encourage you to check any links on your site to these departments to ensure a seamless browsing experience for your site visitors: Religion Department The College Dining Services German and Russian English Department Auxiliary Services Hillel History […]

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Responsive Mobile Web Pages are Awesome

If you’re an iUser, chances are your App Store application updates have been numerous in the past few days. As Apple gears up for the release of IOS7, countless app designers around the world have been pouring over their code — making sure your favorite apps will work when you upgrade to the newest phone […]

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Document Overload

We’ve talked before about our goals for this year’s website redesign, and cutting the clutter is at the top of the list. A common complaint about our old website is the proliferation of old data, particularly documents, that remain on the site long after their Best By date. That resulted in a lot of confusion […]

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Ingeniux Again?

Think Ingeniux is holding back the Washington and Lee University website? Think again. The new site runs off a new version of Ingeniux. They’re both slick and responsive and will do good for your departmental website. Read more about what Eric Owsley, Manager of Web Development, has to say about the role of content management in our ongoing website evolution.

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Redesign Update

A quick update on the redesign rollout. Yesterday’s launch had a few hiccups, but overall we’re pleased with the site and have addressed most of the issues that we’re aware of. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work out the kinks in this new hybrid system.

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The Final Countdown

July 10 Update: Unfortunately, some technical glitches kept us from launching yesterday afternoon as anticipated. We’re hopeful that the site will go live this morning. Stay tuned! It’s been a busier spring than we’d anticipated, but we’re finally ready to launch the first phase of our responsive redesign. First up will be the University homepage, […]

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